Cross Crew Sunday, April 28

Our first Cross Crew Sunday of 2019 takes place April 28. We will gather at the church campus at 9 a.m. for breakfast, fellowship, a brief devotion and prayer, and then we will scatter with our teams to complete projects, bless others and look for opportunities to share the Gospel. A complete list of projects is below, and there is something for everyone! Please sign up using the form at the bottom of the page or the sign-up sheets in the back of the sanctuary at the church.

  1. Building a wheelchair ramp for a disabled lady who is unable to leave her residence or construct a ramp herself.
  2. Working with our Ridge Kids Academy to paint portions of the building used by the Academy.
  3. Serving at ECCHO food and clothing pantry, one of the ministries we support. We will help organize, clean, and touch up some paint in high traffic areas.
  4. Ronald McDonald House – a place where we will be able to interact with others who are experiencing hardship and provide a smile and meal in a time of need. We will also be able to help tidy things up a bit as well.
  5. Barboursville Elementary is a project where we can help with landscaping and beautification in our immediate surrounding area; serving a school that serves our community. We plan to spread mulch and do some painting of outside playground equipment.
  6. ReBuild Huntington – a ministry we support and a unique opportunity for all!
    • The “Loved Bible Project” is where we take a regular Bible and highlight or write notes on it, then pray for it so that when it is distributed to someone, it has been “loved” on and has notes or highlights the recipient can read.
    • We will provide a lunch for the community and our workers.
    • In addition, they are in need of some general construction and demo work.
  7. Cabell Healthcare Center is a local assisted living facility, and we have the opportunity to bless the residents by singing hymns and making visits.


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