Business meeting: voting on bylaw changes and Luke Creasy

We will host a business meeting right after the service this Sunday, Nov. 3 and we will be voting on the recommendations outlined below. We ask each of our members to take time to read over these, pray over them and ask the Lord to lead you to how He wants you to vote on Sunday.

Recommended changes to church bylaws
Our church has officers and members of boards and committees who serve to oversee different aspects of our church ministry. Currently, officers and board members are limited to serving a maximum of three years before they have to leave their position. This is meant to prevent burnout, open up places for new people to serve and to keep a small group of people from exercising too much power within the structure of our church. However, this forced rotation also can cause a lack of continuity for leadership teams, which can hurt the effectiveness and efficiency of each team. Our church council (the central leadership team of our church) is recommending some changes to our bylaws that will allow officers and board members to serve more than three years if they desire to do so and if the church would like for them to continue to serve. Because of the possibility of a person serving for a longer period of time, we also are proposing to add language that will allow the church to remove a person from office if that becomes necessary. Two exceptions are the board of deacons and the preschool advisory board, which will continue to have members that serve three years before rotating off. Council is recommending the nominating committee (the team that helps to choose officers and members of boards and committees) move from one-year terms to two-year terms.

In addition, our church council also is recommending the removal of the Sunday school superintendent, Sunday school secretary and the flower and decorating committee. Our pastor and group leaders now handle the work that had been done by the Sunday school officers, and the church decorations can be accomplished by volunteers without the need for a standing committee.

Recommending Luke Creasy as permanent director of worship ministries
Luke Creasy has served for two full months as our interim director of worship ministries. We have experienced his leadership in our worship of God through music, and those involved in the worship ministry have experienced this as well. With this two month interim period now over and based on how Luke has served during this time, church council is recommending that our congregation approve Luke as permanent in this position.

You can view or download the proposed bylaw changes below: